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Competition Spray Tanning
Arizona, Southern California, Nevada

We provide you with the best competition color that is the fastest drying on the market. Our color is more than just a tan ... it's the best experience you will have

Show Tanning and Competition Service Proved with 20+ combined Years of Industry Experience. Our woman owned and operated mobile tanning and competition service company will provide you with a professional service and phenomenal competition color to the standard expectation for bodybuilders, physique, wellness, fitness, figure and bikini athletes in Arizona, So. California and Nevada.

**ALL Competition Spray Tans include Prep Balancing, Contouring, Hydration, Finishing Powder and Touch-ups**

For more information or booking www.bronzedbrawn.com, www.ginasairbrushtanning.com, www.airbrushingbyjules.com *Certified Service Provider for Liquid Sun Rays*

NPC/Amateur Competition Tan

$145 - 10 min
  • • 2-3 applications! Base cost night before show, top coat morning of show.
    • Touch-up before finals if needed.

Pro Qualifier or 2 Day show

$165 - 10 min
  • • Recommended pkg for 2-day show.
    • Thursday evening first coat, Prejudging Friday morning, Finals Saturday evening.

Pro Athlete Package 1 or 2 day show

$175 - 10 min
  • • Due to the color needs of a pro athlete, this unlimited application package is recommended.

Men Face Blending

$20 - 10 min
  • • Face makeup blend instead of the cost of spray tan.
    • Cream make-up and brush used.

Tattoo Cover

$20 - 10 min
  • • Tattoo/Scar Cover (size of palm or smaller)

Photo Shoot Tan

$75 - 15 to 30 min
  • • Full Body – Custom mix solution, extra coat if needed.

All packages include touchups.

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